Oct 5, 2014

Unfinished Project Day

I love starting a new project.  

It doesn't matter what it is... a new blog post, a craft, or a decorating or organizing project.   I love brainstorming, planning, researching and gathering up supplies. Ok - mostly I love the shopping.  Craft stores are the best. But, office supply stores are the very best.

I think it’s the sense of possibility that draws me in.  I love the idea that a new project can be anything you want it to be.  I love that wide-open feeling when you just know that this new idea is going to turn out amazing.

You know what I wish?  I wish finishing a project was as awesome as starting it.  

I have so many projects waiting patiently to be completed.  Did you know this blog was in the planning stages for nearly a year before I made the first post?  It had a name, a list of ideas, a URL, the design was complete and it was even racking up page views (I'm BIG in Ukraine)... I just never took that next step.

Psychologically, I want to say I don’t finish things because I can feel the potential closing.  “What could be” is much more fun than “what is”.  

Realistically, I think it’s because I get distracted by the next shiney project.  Or, if we’re keeping it really real, I get lazy.  

Today is “Unfinished Project Day” at my house.  It’s time to wrap up some things that are perpetually on my to-do list.  I’ll be working on some partially-written blog posts, cleaning out the other half of my closet and hanging some things in my living room so that it looks more like my walls have symmetry and less like I threw some random things up there. Maybe I'll even finish that craft project that's been "drying" on my patio for a month.

None of the things I do today will be a fun as starting a brand-new project. But, I am excited to see how some things turn out.  Hopefully, they will come close to the potential I envisioned.

I’d love to hear what unfinished projects you have laying about.  How do you motivate yourself to finish them?

And now, it’s time to get this posted... before it turns into another unfinished project.  

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