Oct 10, 2014

Shoe Stories

I’m cleaning out my closet today.  I know I said I’d finish it back on Unfinished Project Day.  But, finishing up all my half-done things in one day was a pretty lofty completely unrealistic goal.  So, I’m doing it today.  Really.  I am.  Unless I’m catching up on episodes of Sons Of Anarchy or Haven. I consider those to be completely acceptable reasons excuses.  

Priority One is shoes.  I've long since lost count, but I'm pretty sure I could hang with Imelda. I love them all, but it’s a small closest and space is at a premium so some of them have to go.  And honestly, no adult needs 4 pairs of glitter shoes.  

I don’t consider myself a pack rat, and that Hoarders show is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen.  But, I struggle with getting rid of things I no longer need.  It’s the memories that get to me.  Wear it to one memorable event and I will hold onto it forever.  I still have the shirt I was wearing when I met my husband.  

A few years ago I read Love, Loss and What I Wore.  It’s a journey through the author’s life and her closet.  Each chapter focuses on one piece of clothing, when she wore it, and the memories and lessons attached to it.  It’s a quick read, entertaining and it really stuck with me.  

While I’m taking a trip down memory lane in my closet today, I thought it would be fun to look at a few of the shoes that have graced my closet and think about what I have learned from them.  

And so I present... Shoe Stories

White satin, slingback, beaded heeled sandals from David’s Bridal. These are the shoes I became a wife in.  They were beautiful, and completely inappropriate since I got married on a beach.  I wore them for under an hour before kicking them off to walk in the sand with my new husband.  In that time, they got completely ruined with sand and saltwater.  And that was fine, because it reminds me not to take things too seriously.  There is always room for fun and laughter.  The filthy shoes are gone, but the memory and relationship still sparkle. I need to live in the moment and soak in experiences.  I’m glad to have ruined those beautiful shoes, because playing on the beach moments after taking our vows is one of my favorite memories.

Black leather, Steve Madden pumps.  Several similar pairs have come and gone from my closet over the years.  The ones pictured are just the newest version (from Nine West).  But, that first pair of Steve Maddens will always stand out to me.  I bought them when I started my first post-college job.  It was the first time I had spent real money on shoes for myself.  At the time, those shoes cost a fortune.  I convinced myself the sacrifice would be worth it, and I was right.  They went with everything in my closet, were perfect for every occasion and lasted for years.  They taught me that some things are worth investing in and, more importantly, I am worth investing in.  You get out what you put in.  If I buy cheap shoes, they might look fine at first, but they won’t last.  If I don’t invest in myself, I won’t see myself grow.  No matter if it’s my health, fitness, education, career, or relationships, I am worth the effort.  

It’s funny how we attached memories to material things.  Do you have things hiding in your closet because of the memories associated with them?  Hopefully, I’ll be bringing a few things out of hiding today.  Who knows... there might be a few new Shoe Stories in the coming days.  

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