Oct 2, 2014

Lime Cilantro Chicken

Yummy and easy to make, Lime Cilantro Chicken is one of my favorite dinners. Plus, it’s dairy-free without any alterations, so it was an obvious choice for the first week of our 30-day dairy elimination diet.

Before I get to the good stuff, let me tell you a little about the way I cook.  Remember how I said I was raised in the South? My style involves a lot more instinct than measuring.  A pinch of this and a handful of that makes dinner prep an adventure. 

I usually marinate my Lime Cilantro Chicken for about 2 hours, but as long as you have half an hour, you are good.  Sadly, this isn’t one of those marinades that you can prep in the morning and cook in the evening.  Any more than a few hours and the texture of the chicken gets weird.  That’s a scientific word, I’m sure.  Grainy? Mealy?  I don’t know… I’m sticking with weird.

This recipe is for 2 chicken breasts, because that’s how many people I typically feed.  If you have more folks, just add more chicken and up the amount of marinade.  

When you grab your chicken out of the fridge, be sure to smell it a few times.  Now, convince yourself it smells bad.  Tell your husband that you think it's spoiled, then ask him to smell it.  Get really frustrated when he refuses.  That's all a crucial part of the process of cooking chicken... or at least it is at my house.  

I use leeks in this recipe because I love their mild flavor, but you can use any onion you have on hand. If you use one with a bigger flavor, just use a bit less so that the cilantro remains predominate.

Just one more word of advice.  See that huge jug of minced garlic in the picture down there.  That thing is like $12 at Costco and it lasts forever!  Honestly, I think it’s a miracle.  Chopping garlic is for the birds, that’s what I know.  Peeling off all that papery skin and then chopping away at those tiny bulbs... no.  Plus, it’s sticky.  But, if chopping garlic makes you feel like a winner in the kitchen, go for it.  I’ll be using that time to have a glass of wine and watch some NCIS.

  • Chicken breasts
  • 2 Limes
  • Cilantro
  • Leeks
  • Garlic    
  • Sugar

Here we go…
  • Start with the chicken breast in the bottom of a mixing bowl
  • Juice 2 limes & pour over the chicken - about 1/4 cup
  • Add a generous swirl of olive oil – about 3 Tbs.
  • Finely chop and add about 3 Tbs. each of cilantro and leeks
  • Add one spoonful of chopped garlic – about 1 Tbs.
  • Add just a pinch of sugar (you can leave it out, but it offsets the lime nicely)
  • Give it all a good mix.  This will be a thick marinade, so make sure to flip the chicken around to distribute the goodies
  • Marinate for 30 minutes – 2 hours
  • Grill, or bake at 450 for 20 minutes or until done

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