Oct 6, 2014

Dairy-Free Diet - Week 1

Week One of our 30-day dairy-free diet is in the books! Overall, I'm going to call it a win.

I've had no digestive issues or heartburn at all and I think my energy might be a smidge higher. I mean, I still spend most of the day wishing I were napping instead, but that could be the insomnia talking.

However, I have had some pretty excruciating headaches. Like the ice-pick-in-my-brain kind and also the tension kind. The husband is sure they are due to the change in diet, sort of like withdrawals, but I'm not convinced.

During my shopping trip I made two mistakes in reading ingredient lists and brought home things with dairy ingredients.  In both cases the super confusing ingredient that tripped me up was... milk. So, I get a D in reading comprehension.

The unintended, but happy, side effect has been a much cleaner diet. I even lost 4 pounds!

Now, on to all the boring but mostly healthy stuff we ate this week...

Day #1 - Monday
Breakfast- Apple & Pumpkin Butter
Snack - Pistachios
Lunch- Chicken patty, Grapes, Strawberries
Dinner - Grilled chicken, Corn / Squash / Onion mix

Off to a good start!

Day #2 - Tuesday
Breakfast - Apple & Peanut Butter
Lunch - Hummus & Crackers
Snack - Pistachios
Dinner - Apple & Peanut Butter, Raisins, Almonds

I had a plan for an actual dinner, but I had an excruciating headache all day.  By evening I was doing nothing but laying on the couch, so all my good intentions about cooking were abandoned.

Day #3 - Wednesday
Breakfast - Orange / Pineapple / Spinach Smoothie
Lunch - Apple & Pumpkin Butter
Snack - Hummus & Pita Chips
Second Snack - Licorice, Strawberry Frozen Fruit Bar
Dinner - Lime Cilantro Chicken, Squash

I had some major sugar cravings in the afternoon, which lead to digging out my emergency stash of licorice.  Don't act like you don't have hidden emergency candy.

Day #4 - Thursday
Breakfast - Steel Cut Oats, Peach
Lunch - Hummus & Crackers
Snack - Banana & Peanut Butter
Dinner - Chicken Noodle Soup

My husband ended up having emergency dental surgery this day, so I ditched my plan to try a new shrimp recipe and threw together a small batch of chicken noodle soup.  If I had only known.

Day #5 - Friday
Breakfast - Pineapple / Strawberry / Spinach Smoothie
Snack - Pistachios
Lunch - Banana & Peanut Butter
Dinner - Chicken Noodle Soup
Snack - Dried Apples

After dinner the night before and sending some to work with the husband for lunch, there wasn't much soup left, so I extended it with extra broth and more veggies.  I hate leftovers, so I gave myself a big pat on the back for good wifeing.

Day #6 - Saturday
Breakfast - Steel Cut Oats, Peach (half)
Lunch - Chicken Noodle Soup, Dried Mangoes
Snack - Peach (half)
Snack - Chocolate & Peanut Butter Soy Ice Cream

Lunch was the last remnants of the previous night's extended soup. Our usual Saturday consists of a lunch of mai-tais and fish & chips on the patio of a restaurant at the harbor, watching the boats and the seals.  But, this was just as good. Or, you know, not.

All afternoon I was looking forward to shrimp and asparagus for dinner.  And then the husband had a bad reaction to his meds, was still hurting and requested soup again. Off to the store I went for more supplies, because I'm an awesome wife. While I was there I seriously considered ditching the whole dairy-free thing and grabbing some Ben & Jerry's. But, I was able to find dairy-free soy ice cream instead.  It was fine, if you've never had actual ice cream before and are therefor unfamiliar with the texture or flavor.

Day #7 - Sunday
Breakfast - Steel Cut Oats w/ brown sugar & raisins
Snack - Chips & Salsa
Dinner -  Chicken Fried Rice

After a night of insomnia, I woke up late and the husband had breakfast waiting for me.  How great is that?!  We still have leftover soup in the fridge, but I just couldn't. The husband also offered to make dinner, and we ended up with enough chicken fried rice to feed an army.  So, guess what I'll be eating for a few days.

To read about why we started this 30-Day Dairy Elimination Diet, check out this post from last week.

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