Oct 19, 2014

100 Happy Days - Week 2

The 100 Happy Days website makes a big deal of saying that most people don't finish the challenge due to time.  When I read that I was all, "That's won't be me."

And now this post is 5 days late.

It's not that I don't have time to be happy, or that I didn't enjoy the moments during Week 2 of my challenge, or even that I didn't take the photos everyday.  It's just that I never found the time to put this (or any other) blog post together this past week.  Adding something as time consuming as writing a blog to an already busy schedule is harder than I anticipated, but also entirely worth it.

Day #8: Peanut ears -   This is my view most work days. Peanut spends most of the day curled in my lap, which makes it far more difficult to work. But, he's a good buddy so we work it out.

Day #9: Venti Iced Soy Chi Latte - I had a dentist appointment this morning.  I am TERRIFIED of the dentist, so when I finally escaped I treated myself to my favorite Starbucks drink.  I guess I should be happy about clean, healthy teeth, but I can't muster up any enthusiasm about anything dental related.

Day #10: Craft project in the works - I love craft projects, but I rarely make time for them.  This one has lingered in the early stages for months, but it's almost done now.  Hopefully I'll be showing it off soon.

Day #11: Girl's outing at PF Chang's - This is the one day I didn't take a photo.  Not because I didn't have time or because I wasn't happy, but because I was wrapped up in enjoying myself that I didn't stop to grab my phone.  I actually think that's the best kind of happiness.  I actually started this day in a terrible mood.  But, I turned it around with a spur-of-the-moment Ikea trip with a good friend.  Sometimes you just need to spend 3 hours wandering through model kitchens and picking out massive mirrors to make you feel better.  We wrapped up the evening with wine and some yummy food at PF Chang's.  Plus, there were enough leftovers for me to enjoy, and snap a photo of the next day. The girl date, full of laughter, and chitchat was just what I needed.

Day #12: Organized bookshelf - Ah, organization. I crave it and am also terrible at making it happen.  I'm excellent at organizing intangible things like ideas, events and trips, but I can't make it happen with physical things.  Happily, a good friend is a pro at corralling stuff. Her kitchen cabinets look like a Container Store ad.  She guided me to this cabinet during our epic Ikea adventure. After a morning's worth of assembly, I got my office clutter all tidied up.

Day #13: Jean Paul Gaulier Perfume - The husband brought this scent home from Paris for me.  The sweet, spicy blend is the perfume I reach for most days.  Plus, every time I spitz it on I imagine him taking time out of his day in that beautiful city to pick it out for me.

Day #14: Yellow mums & pink astroemerias:  Grocery store blooms are such an inexpensive way to brighten up a space.  I dislike grocery shopping, so I often add a flowers to my cart.  I prefer to get one or two bouquets of a single type rather than a mix. These are sitting on the corner of my desk since that's where I spend the most time, but I also like to put them in other unexpected spots like the bathroom counter or the coffee table.

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  1. aww love posts like these. Starbucks makes me happy too haha .
    I want to try this 100 days of happiness tag. xox


  2. Thanks, Marie! Yes, do it! This would be totally cute on Rainbows & Unicorns!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. So refreshing to see somebody focus on the positives in a world that dwells on the negatives! Brightened up my evening :) Great read!

    1. Thank, Sian! Doing this challenge has really helped me feel more upbeat and approach each day with a better outlook.


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