Oct 8, 2014

100 Days Happy - Week 1

Last Wednesday I started the 100 Happy Days challenge in an effort to find joy in everyday life. By taking a photo of something that makes me happy every day for 100 days I am hoping to focus on the little things that make me smile.

I started off with a photo of my favorite woodland critters for Day #1.

Day #2 - Let me clarify that I am NOT happy that my husband needed spur-of-the-moment dental surgery, or that he was in pain, or that he needed to take 3 meds, one of which he had a poor reaction too. I also wasn't excited that the procedure needed to be done on a very busy work day for him meaning I needed to go to the pharmacy, wait half on hour and then deliver the meds to his office so that he could get back to work. Frankly, all of that sucked.  BUT, I am happy that I am flexible enough to be able to do that. The best thing about working freelance is that I can create my on schedule, rearrange as needed and be there when people need me. THAT makes me very happy. I remember what it was like when I worked in an office and the husband and I had weekly negotiations about who would go to the dry cleaners and trips to the grocery store needed to be scheduled well in advance. I'm thrilled to not be there anymore. Working from home and freelancing has been a wonderful thing for us and I'm so happy I stumbled into it.

Day #3 - The harbor in our town. It's beautiful here and I absolutely trilled to live in this area. I have loved California every minute we have been here, but it took a long time for it to feel like home. Now I never want to leave.

Day #4 - My pup, Peanut, curled up in the chair in my office. Here's the big question in our house these days... If Peanut gets his MBA, will he ask Michelle, Inc for a raise?  Peanut sticks with me every minute of my work day.  He's usually curled in my lap while I type and I joke that he is the first employee of Michelle, Inc. The husband is working on his MBA and when he studies, Peanut goes immediatly to be with him. They are set to graduate next May.

Day #5 - New MUA lipstick in Brick.  In the ultimate girly case of turning lemons into lemonade, I used the long wait at the pharmacy to shop for lipstick.  I must have been in a fiery mood, because this is much redder than I normally choose, but I am in LOVE. Lipstick is magic to me. It instantly makes me feel beautiful and powerful.

Day #6 - Hot pink heels.  Now that I work from home there's no real reason for me to get dressed up every day,  But, I still put on nice clothes, lipstick and cute shoes for my commute down the hall. Not only do I love clothes and makeup, I get a boost of confidence when I look pulled together.

Day #7 - A page from my newish calendar. You would think I would have gone completely digital by now, but there is something about the scratch of pen against paper that I can't completely let go of. Plus, there is such a pull to beautiful office supplies. I picked up this 2014 - 2015 planner and it is everything I could have wanted. I feel so much more organized and less scattered when I can see everything at once.

If you are interested in learning more about the 100 Happy Days Challenge, visit the official site and start snapping!

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