Sep 29, 2014

Starting a 30-Day Dairy Free Diet

That picture up there…. that’s just a small portion of the fruits, veggies and proteins that found their way home with me from the store yesterday. Those receipts… they are long.  LONG.

But, you know what isn’t in that pile or on those receipts?  Sour cream. Ice Cream. Yogurt. Milk. CHEESE!

I'm starting a 30-Day Dairy Elimination Diet.

And it’s probably gonna suck.

Over the past few years I have struggled with dairy. Not to go too TMI on you, but milk and ice cream both make me very sick. Recently, my beloved Chili Con Queso started doing the same thing. That's enough to make a Texas girl's heart break. 

Along the way I started making a few changes, switching out the milk in my Venti Iced Chi Latte for soy and avoiding ice cream (unless I really, really wanted it). I even tried the Lactaid pills and found they didn’t work well for me.

So, I started investigating Lactose Intolerance. What I found was that dairy products contain another culprit beyond lactose. Milk proteins, whey and casein, can also cause a host of issues for people allergic or sensitive to them.

In addition to digestive issues, sensitivity to milk sugars and protein can cause…
Lack of energy, heartburn, acne, bloating, and headaches. 

I have all of those.

I don’t, however, have the respiratory allergy symptoms that can also pop up… so good news there, I guess.

The other startling, to me at least, thing was that dairy ingredients are in tons of foods under a whole bunch of names. 

Acidophilus Milk


Rennet Casein

Ammonium Caseinate
Hydrolyzed Casein

Sodium Caseinate
Calcium Caseinate
Hydrolyzed Milk Protein
Magnesium Caseinate
Sweet Whey


Iron Caseinate

Whey Powder



Whey Protein Concentrate
Delactosed Whey


Potassium Caseinate
Whey Protein Hydrolysate
Demineralized Whey


Zinc Caseinate

Yesterday, we purged our kitchen of all dairy foods, plus everything containing these ingredients. Today is our first dairy-free day. My husband and I will be trying this for a month and evaluating along the way to see if we feel better.  

Honestly, I'm both hoping that I do, and that I don't.  I want to feel better, but the thought of living dairy-free forever is overwhelming.  Family gatherings? Social events? Restaurants? CHEESE?!  

I've done a fair bit of research before starting.  The best of what I have read so far is... 

Go Dairy Free:  This site has tons of resources including a lengthy list of dairy ingredients, recipes and lots of information on lactose intolerance and milk allergies. The site proposes a 10 day dairy-free diet and also has a book and several other products for sale.  I'm not using any of those so I can't vouch for them.  But, I am using the free diet and health journal to track my symptoms and changes.

I'll be posting my progress each week, sharing dairy-free recipes and probably complaining a whole lot about how much I miss cheese.  

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