Oct 29, 2014

Graze Box Review - Get 2 Free Boxes!

Leftovers are my nemesis.

If I were a superhero I would spend my days battling a villain made of Tupperware containers of fried rice and half-empty bags of nuts. And also admiring the spiffy leather boots that came with my superhero outfit.

Oct 28, 2014

The Importance of Informed Voting: Prepping For the Mid-Term Elections

In a scene that repeated over and over throughout my childhood, I stood in line with my parents outside the local VFW hall. My father left work early and we waited, sometimes for hours, alongside what seemed like the entire population of our small town, to vote. During that time, anticipating their turn in the polling booth, my parents would talk to my sister and I about why we were there, the voting process and the candidates.

Oct 23, 2014

Shoe Stories Part 2

I've mentioned a few times lately that I'm cleaning out my closet. It's the never ending project. You wouldn't believe the things I've unearthed. College dorm t-shirts, that plaid shirt I had my high-school portraits made in, and a mini skirt I wore bar hopping in the single days. I swear I saw a pair of stirrup pants out of the corner of my eye, but they fled to some far corner before I could catch them.

Oct 22, 2014

Dairy Free Diet: Week 3

I started out the week by cheating. Accidentally. The barista made me do it.

Oct 19, 2014

100 Happy Days - Week 2

The 100 Happy Days website makes a big deal of saying that most people don't finish the challenge due to time.  When I read that I was all, "That's won't be me."

And now this post is 5 days late.

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